Current Openings in LumiLor India

Work experience :

0 to 1 year

Our requirement :
  • Research and draft blueprints, engineering plans, and graphics.
  • Use design software to develop models and drawings of new products.
  • Develop test prototypes
  • Able to work on bike, bike body parts.
  • Awareness of products design, manufacturing processes, casting.
  • Able to do freehand Sketching
  • Candidate must know part modeling, surface modeling , sheet metal design
Software preference :

Catia, solid work, key shot

Expected Work experience :

1 to 5 years

Our requirement :
  • Good knowledge of mold making process
  • Prior experience on carbon fiber bicycle frame would be highly preferred
  • Must aware of the process of how to prepreg carbon fiber
  • Having good knowledge of automotive parts
  • Candidates with experience on FRP/Carbon Fiber Process will be preferred

Experience :

2 - 5 years

Requirements :
  • Android application development in JAVA using Android SDK
  • Experience with multi-threading & memory management
  • Mobile APP development
  • Socket programming
  • Background services
  • Google maps
  • Bonus point for experience in Rx JAVA, BLE, IOT &Embedded android

Experience :

5-7 Years: Structural lay up of composite matting materials as well as grinding and prep for repairs of finished products required. Additional experience of properly preparing indications and feathering composite materials to insure all affected areas of discrepancies have been removed.

Job Duties & Responsibilities :
  • To be able to fabricate and laminate Carbon Fiber and fiberglass. 
  • Be able to make molds out composite material/ plastic and silicone. 
  • Able to work with resins, carbon fiber, and honeycomb materials. 
  • Buffing and polishing composite parts. 
  • Layup composite materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, or Kevlar inside production molds to make strong and lightweight structural parts 
  • Weigh resins and hardeners 
  • Laminate and prepare customer products to exact process specifications that meet both Applied Composites' and our customer's quality requirements 
  • Clean, dry fit, and trim parts 
  • Perform bonding, curing, and wet laminating tasks associated with the product 
  • Perform Mold Preparation, sealing and release tasks 
  • Participate in brainstorming/problem solving with Engineering & Production personnel to solve related problems 
  • Work with in house computer systems to record job status, time spent, and material tracking
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities :
  • Knowledge of spraying and brushing of gel coatings is required.
  • Qualified in the fabrication of carbon fiber products and car parts from said molds.
  • Hands-on experience with Fiberglass/carbon fiber and Pre-preg carbon fiber vacuum bagging process.
  • Knowledge in Curing parts techniques
  • Must be willing to work flexible shift hours and day or afternoon shift as well as overtime hours daily and weekends on those shifts with little notice 
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