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What are the benefits of being a LumiLor dealer ?

LumiLor Dealership is an incredible opportunity to start your new business or to grow your paint business. Open a Lumilor Dealership in your city, a golden chance to associate and grow with a renowned brand. Manufactured in US, Lumilor is the world’s first sprayable light. You can now create your light on any surface (2-D or 3-D). It also works of different types of materials including Wood, Metal, Vinyl, Plastic etc.

It is not just an automotive product but this product can cater to many industries and its applicability is only limited by your imagination. Every day people and businesses around the world are thinking of new ways to utilize our product and we are giving you an opportunity to deliver services on our behalf. Join our "Dealership Program" and avail following benefits:

  • Manage your own territory.
  • Avail attractive and exclusive dealer offers from LumiLor.
  • Enjoy benefits of a monopoly market.
  • Very high profit margins on projects.
  • Multiple revenue sources.
  • And many more….

What are the pre-requisites for becoming a LumiLor Dealer ?

You can start your Lumilor Lab by being our “Dealer” in following two ways :

Quick-Start Dealer

This proposal is valid if you are willing to expand your paint business and have relevant equipment and a commercial set-up. We will provide professional training to your spray painters to paint Lumilor. You are ready to go in just 20 Lacs of investment. Please see relevant pdf below for more details.

Start-up Business Proposal

If you are a person of entrepreneurial spirit and are looking to start your own business with our new and innovative patented technology, then you need to invest 20-25 lacs to setup your infrastructure and purchase equipment which will be your fixed cost. Over that, you will only pay us for material and our extensive training program for your two spray painters. Please find the details of the cost breakdown in the relevant attachment below.

What are the revenue sources for a Lumilor Dealer ?

Imagine limitlessly with Lumilor as it is a product which is applicable to many industries and can be applied on many types of solid surfaces. Your ROI is directly dependent on the diversity of projects you are able to tap in your area of dealership. You will have three revenue sources as a Dealer (See Figure).

  • By undertaking projects (Offers high profit margins)

  • Dealers can sell product bundles and earn 20 % profit margin on all products bundles sold
  • Receive 75000/- flat for getting an applicator trained from your area with us.

We have divided applicability of LumiLor to seven different sectors for projects. But do not limit yourself, you can come up with even interesting idea to use our product.

Thank you for showing interest in Lumilor. Please see some of our product videos below and find many more online. Also find presentations explaining the same business model in detail

Why Choose Us

  • US manufactured LumiLor is the only electroluminescent sprayable coating which holds multiple patents in more than 20 countries.
  • Our company has invested millions for the development of LumiLor.
  • LumiLor will provide full support to the applicators and dealers.
  • Our product has been tried/tested and qualified by famous automotive, aerospace and various other brands and soon it will into production.
  • Our product qualify all the standards like adhesion, chemical testing, impact resistance, bend test, QUV A, Salt fog, climate cycling and outdoor exposure.
  • We are fully aware of companies that are misleading the market with substandard, knock-off products that violate our patents.
  • Manage your own territory as well as avail attractive and exclusive dealer offers from LumiLor.

Dealership Information

US based, premium and exclusive technology, international recognition, monopoly business…the complete package


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