Say Hello to the Innovation of this Century!

Have you ever witnessed a technology which is beautiful, versatile and classy? Here comes the LumiLor premium coating which has something for everyone! Be it appealing elegance, great performance in unfavorable conditions or making a swag statement, LumiLor has all bases covered.

This adoration compliments your room like never before and even baffle the guests. Now your fish won’t be bored and nor will you be once Lumilor enters your home. It can also be applied to your existing aquarium. Pretty nifty right?

LumiLor electro coating is truly fantastic and authentic.

It is the world’s first and only patented Electroluminescent Paint. It is a unique product which lets the manufacturers to design with light previously not possible. A single colour light is produced visible from long distances and many types of atmospheric conditions such as fog, smoke and snow.

Gift the best design to your aquarium and their denizens. If Lumilor creative ideas for room does not appeal you much, you can take it a step further by bringing this amazing technology literally ‘out of the box’ to your pools and tanks.

Innovation of this Century

Turn some awesomeness on with Lumi Lights.

The world’s most advanced paint performance system has taken a giant leap in lighting technology. It creates a beautiful illumination which makes everything around you glow like a gem. That’s why we say ‘paint with light’ as it’s a sprayable light.

The options for designer paint ideas from this technology are unbelievably limitless. Lumilor is available in 8 different colors which are not only attractive but truly “glowsome”. What are your next Lumilor creative ideas for room? Your imagination is just a ‘Lumilor’ away from reality. We paint with light.

LumiLor electro coating is truly fantastic and authentic.

LumiLor premium coating is applied using a professional high volume / low pressure (HVLP) paint system. The skills needed to apply it are similar to the skills needed to apply other professional grade coatings with an HVLP system.

Advertisements have got a whole new meaning with world’s thinnest sprayable light LumiLor . Anything can be turned into a real thing with this innovation from USA. It’s time to upgrade your perception about beauty, it’s time to switch to this light.

Turn some awesomeness on with Lumi Lights.

It is a four layer coating system and includes processes and specifications which are unique to our patents. Three to five hours are needed to apply all of the layers in standard conditions. It is available in eight native colors, these are colors you see when it is lit. Check out LumiLor paint price in India now!

At LumiLor Chennai no challenge is too big for us as we are experts at beautifying everything to its maximum potential. It is a light you just can’t take your eyes off from. Just make a list of your favorite possessions and decide which one of them you want to light up!

LumiLor premium coating is a high quality paint that has been engineered keeping a lot of challenges in mind. One of those challenges is water. It glows and performs perfectly in water defying the limitations of other light innovations. Certainly this technology is not the one to miss out on!