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Do you find yourself thinking about things like

  • How do I make a profit painting with LumiLor?
  • How do I get started using LumiLor in my business?
  • What is the difference between a LumiLor Training Kit and a LumiLor Bundle?

This post will explore these and related questions from the perspective of the aftermarket - painters and refinishers who work on motorcycles, cars, boats, and other projects.

How To Get Started With LumiLor?

The LumiLor Training Kit is designed to get you started with LumiLor. Here' how it works.

The LumiLor Training Kit provides you with the following physical materials

  • Small Bundle of LumiLor Green - enough to cover approximately 5 square feet
  • LumiLor is a 4 layer process and the bundle contains the components for all 4 layers
  • A blank flat panel and blank speed tank for you to paint
  • Inverters, batteries, and other basic electronics to light up your test projects
  • The online store lists other items which are required and recommended but not provided

LumiLor Online Training Videos

  • These videos walk you through the LumiLor application process step by step
  • Applying LumiLor is similar to applying other coatings but there are steps unique to LumiLor. Remember, you are paining an electrical circuit. The videos teach you what this means and how to do it.
  • Want to see a sample of the videos to see their production quality? Visit our FAQ page where we have an out take from one of the videos.

LumiLor Support

As a customer you will have access to our LumiLor support portal which you can use to get questions answered directly from the professionals here at LumiLor

You've Completed the Training Videos, Now What?

When you complete the LumiLor online training you will have a lot going for you:

  • LumiLor skills! Above all you will be one of the first in the world to have LumiLor application experience. You will have an understanding of how to apply it and what you can do with it for your customers.
  • Two completed samples which you can use as sales tools when talking to your customers. Customize them with your logo or other designs using topcoats, airbrushing, hydrographics, etc. Share these with your customers, promote them on social media, show the world that you offer LumiLor electroluminescent paint.
  • You will likely have some LumiLor remaining which you can use on one of your own projects. This depends on the efficiency of the application during training.
  • Access to the LumiLor support portal is ongoing. Reach out to us with questions you have about your projects, applying LumiLor, and even selling LumiLor. We are here to support you and help make you successful with LumiLor.

Selling a LumiLor job

Purchasing LumiLor is simple on the online store. The primary way to purchase LumiLor is in a bundle. A bundle contains the unique components needed to apply LumiLor.

  • Backplane
  • Dielectric
  • LumiColor
  • Conductive Clear (shipped in three separate parts which are mixed prior to applying)

LumiLor bundles are sold in three sizes and five LumiColors are available.

  • Small bundle - covers approximately 3 to 5 square feet and comes with one LumiColor
  • Medium bundle - covers approximately 12 to 20 square feet and comes with 4 individual containers of LumiColor of your choice (mix and match as needed)
  • Large bundle - covers approximately 80 square feet and your can mix and match 16 individual containers of LumiColor to meet your needs

LumiColors available include: Aqua, Blue, Green, White, Orange

Accessories needed for a job - inverters, connecting wires, batteries, etc. can also be purchased on the LumiLor online store.

How to price a LumiLor job for your customers?

First determine how much LumiLor you need for a job.

Incorporate LumiLor into your design in large areas or in small details such as pinstriping and graphics. Our FAQ page gives you guidance on electronics needed for various size jobs.

Determine the approximate size to be painted with LumiLor, be sure to include potential overspray.

You should now have an understanding of how to get started using LumiLor and how to incorporate LumiLor into your business.

What questions do you have about these topics?