What is LumiLor Applicator Training?

An applicator is an individual entity in the LumiLor ecosystem. An automotive spray painter who has experience in spray painting can learn application from us via opting for our training program. Training program of up to 10 days is a complete package with Lumilor application, training, authorization, marketing announcement and lead generation.

LumiLor is an incredible opportunity to grow or start your paint and customization business. LumiLor allows you to create designs with light in ways previously not possible. Imagine the possibilities of incorporating light directly into your field of business.

With LumiLor you can –

  • Paint with Light in any color. We have 8 base colors but any color can be achieved by mixing, this is also a part of our training program.
  • Control the light any way you want – on/off, strobe effect, sequencing and motion/sound activated. You can control LumiLor just like you can control any light bulb or LED but remember that it’s a paint and not and LED!
  • Personalization and customized products is the future of business and LumiLor provides you a way to setup your business in this developing trend.

What are the equipment requirements to become a LumiLor Applicator?

LumiLor is applied using a gravity fed high volume / low pressure (HVLP) spray gun.  If you are skilled with using HVLP spray gun you will have no problem following our training videos.

Apart from spray gun you will need a screw compressor with air and oil separator and other allied products like masking tape, mixing cups, strainers, nitrile gloves, etc. All this equipment can be provided by us.

Check out our FAQ page for a complete list.

How do you become a LumiLor Applicator?

Purchasing a LumiLor Starter Kit is the easiest and best way for you to become a LumiLor applicator.

A LumiLor Starter Kit includes all of the basics which is needed to get started:

  • A 4oz LumiLor Bundle which includes all four LumiLor components

  • Sample shapes for you to use in your first application
  • Electronics needed to light up your sample shapes
  • Contains: Backplane, Dielectric, LumiColor and Conductive top coat to kick start your LumiLor project.
  • Access to our world class training videos which walk you step by step through the LumiLor application and light up process.
  • Access to the LumiLor Support Team to answer your question.
For more information call us:
+91 962 593 4167 , +91 935 494 3303
or You can mail us : sales@LumiLor.co.in

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